10 Random Photos That Will Make You Far Happier Than They Should.

You’re a busy person with a lot of responsibility, and sometimes, life can get you down. Even if you consider yourself to have a relatively happy disposition and positive outlook, every once in awhile, it’s tough to keep a smile on your face. Look, we’re only human: It’s normal to have great days, terrible days,

10 Original Party Ideas For An Unforgettable Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is this Monday. A lot of people only know the holiday is coming up because they get an extra day off from work or school, extending their usual 2-day weekend to a 3-day weekend. Memorial Day is a day those who passed away in the military are remembered and honored. Those who have

12 Hairstyles Fit For A Little Princess

When I was a little girl, doing my hair was a nightmare. My hair was long and thick enough to cover about three people’s heads. I would always refuse to let my parents touch it because of constant knots and the fact that I would have to hang from my top bunk to put it

This Guy’s Disastrous Snapchat Story Shows Why Friday 13Th Is No Joke.

The Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute reported that approximately 17 to 21 million people have a fear of Friday the 13th, because it is traditionally considered to be an unlucky day. Some folks go as far as scheduling their itineraries around the day because they fear the worst. The superstition has spread even more

10 Super Bowl Snacks You Definitely Need On Game Day.

Most Super Bowl parties really only require three essentials: a TV, drinks, and food. You can’t sit around a TV for five hours without having some good grub to munch on. Don’t settle for takeout or delivery, create your own special dishes and appetizers. Your food will definitely taste better and everyone at the party

He Refused To Kill These Orphaned Bear Cubs, Now His Job Is On The Line.

Bryce Casavant is a conservation officer in British Columbia, and part of his job is dealing with – and sometimes disposing of – animals that pose an immediate threat or nuisance to humans living in the area. However, when Casavant got his most recent call to kill two bear cubs who were thought to be

10 DIY Rugs That Are (Almost) Too Cute To Step On.

Rugs are more commonly used inside homes with hardwood floors but they look really great on any floor. A rug helps add character to a room or space. It can be the finishing touch or it could even be the focal point of the room. The great thing about rugs is that they come in

Koala Broke Into Her Home And Did A Hilariously Clumsy Strip Tease.

A pole dancing koala sounds like a dream, but for Nikki Erickson of South East Queensland, Australia, it was a reality. Erickson used her Facebook to share photos and a video of a koala in her home, trying to climb up a pole. This was last year, but news of the talented koala is only

10 Valentine’s Desserts To Look Like You’ve Got Your S**T Together.

Personally, I’m not too big on commercial holidays, but when it comes to cake, cookies, and everything in the sugar department, I’m all in! Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to make and eat sweet treats. A beautifully wrapped box of chocolates is always nice to receive, but making your own desserts is a lot

A Teddy Bear Was Left Lying In The Street, The Reason Why Is Heartbreaking.

The current war in Syria is expected to displace 10 million refugees, making it the largest refugee crisis that Europe has experienced since World War II. Countries outside of Europe, such as Canada, have offered to take in a portion of the Syrians seeking assistance, and the United States hopes to increase refugee acceptance to

Zebra Print Bread Is A Baking Trend That Will Make Your Taste Buds Tingle.

If you’re looking for a surprisingly simple recipe that packs a big aesthetic punch, then this awesome zebra bread just might be the perfect thing for you. In the video below, one woman conjures up the perfect and delicious zebra slices, which seem to be equal parts groovy and totally tasty. To prepare, here’s what

Pokémon Go Players Can Win $5,000 By Finding THIS Rare Pokémon.

It would take living under a rock to not have heard the launch of the video game Pokémon GO. The game is a cool adventure that blurs the line between the real world and virtual reality where players go to real locations to find and catch Pokémon characters. Whether it’s Central Park in New York

This Melting Chocolate Dessert Will Fuel Your Addiction To Food Porn.

Until a few weeks ago, you’d probably never heard of a melting chocolate ball. But then, suddenly, social media cooking videos were awash with them, these delicate balls of easily melting chocolate that crack open to reveal a delicious treat inside. It looks like something you’d only get at a fine dining restaurant, but as

10 Crafty Reasons You Should Be Drinking MORE Wine.

If you’re a wine lover, then you understand the burden of not knowing what to do with all your wine bottles once you’ve emptied them. Sure recycling them would typically be the obvious answer but sometimes these bottles are just too pretty to throw away. So maybe you keep the first one and then the

10 Before/After Photos That Show The REAL Power Of Makeup.

Makeup is a woman’s best friend. It helps you look alive on days that you look dead. It helps make you look beautiful on a day you don’t feel so beautiful. A lot of women are ridiculed for the amount of makeup they use. But makeup in a way can be very therapeutic. It helps

Can You Identify All 12 Of These Historical Events?

How well do you know your history? Well enough to be able to identify a photo by the specific place and time it was taken? What if you were given a choice: Would you be able to tell photos from the great wars apart, or identify an image from V-Day vs. D-Day? If you’re up

How To Use Thread To Shape Your Eyebrows In Less Than 5 Minutes

Achieving the look you want is all about the details. The right shoes, the right jewels, and the right cosmetics make all the difference in the world. Every hair needs to be in its place — even if that place is down the drain. Hair removal is a special battle in its own right. You

Just 23 Hilarious Tweets About The First Year Of Marriage

1. When you don’t even know your own name anymore. Twitter: @aimiesarah 2. When the honeymoon phase is in full force. Twitter: @PetersSugarTits 3. When you find creative ways to share special moments. Twitter: @hashtag 4. When people assume you have that baby fever. Twitter: @HyperHeather11 5. When your mom LEGIT has that baby fever

10 People Who Clearly Don’t Understand Acronyms.

An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the first letter of a string of words. When read, it is read as one word. Acronyms are used for a variety of things. They can represent a group, a company, a technique, or even a procedure. People can create acronyms just about for any reason out of

The Paris Attacks Have Inspired Artists To Make This Moving Tribute.

When we experience loss, grief, and trauma, among other hard-hitting emotions, sometimes there are no words. Sometimes, other mediums work better. The tragic terrorist attacks that struck Paris, France on November 13, 2015 have sparked a range of sentiments across the world and in addition, an expansive gallery to pay tribute to the victims. Though

10 Horrifically Beautiful Cakes That Make You Wonder WTF Is Going On.

Katherine Dey’s cakes are not exactly what you serve at children’s birthday parties. The 30-year-old bakes and decorates cakes that are bloody, macabre, and simply terrifying. She may not have gone to culinary school for her craft but it seems she’s a natural even if her creations are bit of an acquired taste. Dey, a

10 Pretty Hair Accessories That Literally Anyone Can Make.

It’s summer and that usually means hot and sweaty days. For ladies with a full set of hair, it can be a struggle sometimes. You want your hair to look cute to match your cute summer outfit but unfortunately you always ends up just tying up your hair. It’s hard when your hair actually makes

He Cuts 2 Holes In A Cooler, His Next Move… Best Summer Hack Ever.

People just cannot seem to get enough of summer. Putting the parkas and winter boots away in storage for a couple of months is done as soon as the first warm day hits. But there is a point where the temperature just gets to be too hot to handle. Instead of going outside, people seek