25 Drinks That Will Get You Super Drunk At Fast Food Places

25 Drinks That Will Get You Super Drunk At Fast Food Places

1. The Starbucks Mojito:

The Starbucks Mojito:

Twitter: @chewjian23

2. Hibiscus & Vodka:

Hibiscus & Vodka:

Twitter: @manraysky

3. Granita Tequila:

Granita Tequila:

Twitter: @cinnamegss

4. Hibiscus Tequila:

Hibiscus Tequila:

Twitter: @EmilyTEdwards

5. Blackberry & Rum:

Blackberry & Rum:

6. The Ol??? Trenta Trick:

The Ol' Trenta Trick:

Twitter: @CalliFugate




7. The Chick-Fil-A mimosa:

The Chick-Fil-A mimosa:

Twitter: @heytherewood

8. The Chick-fil-A Old Fashioned:

The Chick-fil-A Old Fashioned:


9. Strawberry Lemonade:

Strawberry Lemonade:

Twitter: @janesayeth


10. The 7-Eleven Pi??a:

The 7-Eleven Pi??a:

Twitter: @aspyker

11. Malibu & Slurpee:

Malibu & Slurpee:

Twitter: @KeithPineault

12. The 7-Eleven Rum & Coke:

The 7-Eleven Rum & Coke:

Twitter: @rwright_97

Panera Bread

13. The Panera Refresher:

The Panera Refresher:

Twitter: @gabpols

Taco Bell

14. Baja Blast & Tequila??? The Classic:

Baja Blast & Tequila... The Classic:

Twitter: @kwurky

15. The Downriver Margarita:

The Downriver Margarita:

Twitter: @davidlfoxe


16. Sweet Tea & Vodka:

Sweet Tea & Vodka:

Twitter: @LethalASSets

17. Hi-C & Vodka:

Hi-C & Vodka:

Twitter: @froggiemlm


18. The Frosty White Russian:

The Frosty White Russian:

Twitter: @rsaeks

19. Henny & Lemmy:

Henny & Lemmy:

Twitter: @Tall_Dark_Wavey

Dunkin??? Donuts

20. Uncle Arnie???s Jim Beam:

Uncle Arnie's Jim Beam:

Orange Julius

21. Orange Julius & Vodka:

Orange Julius & Vodka:

Twitter: @haileeajohnson1

22. Vodka Blizzard:

Vodka Blizzard:

Twitter: @Jon_OKane


23. Mango Lemonade & Vodka:

Mango Lemonade & Vodka:

Twitter: @_RebelChild_

24. Cherry Limeade & Vodka:

Cherry Limeade & Vodka:

Twitter: @d_o_n_n_y_

25. And if all else fails, there???s always the tried-and-true: a Subway cup and whatever you feel like putting in it.

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