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12 Hairstyles Fit For A Little Princess

When I was a little girl, doing my hair was a nightmare. My hair was long and thick enough to cover about three people’s heads. I would always refuse to let my parents touch it because of constant knots and the fact that I would have to hang from my top bunk to put it

10 Before/After Photos That Show The REAL Power Of Makeup.

Makeup is a woman’s best friend. It helps you look alive on days that you look dead. It helps make you look beautiful on a day you don’t feel so beautiful. A lot of women are ridiculed for the amount of makeup they use. But makeup in a way can be very therapeutic. It helps

How To Use Thread To Shape Your Eyebrows In Less Than 5 Minutes

Achieving the look you want is all about the details. The right shoes, the right jewels, and the right cosmetics make all the difference in the world. Every hair needs to be in its place — even if that place is down the drain. Hair removal is a special battle in its own right. You

Just 23 Hilarious Tweets About The First Year Of Marriage

1. When you don’t even know your own name anymore. Twitter: @aimiesarah 2. When the honeymoon phase is in full force. Twitter: @PetersSugarTits 3. When you find creative ways to share special moments. Twitter: @hashtag 4. When people assume you have that baby fever. Twitter: @HyperHeather11 5. When your mom LEGIT has that baby fever

I Thought it Was Better to Suffer Than to Have a C-Section

It’s hard to believe that less than three months ago I was lying prone and naked on a metal operating table. What I remember most vividly is the makeshift partition someone had erected to separate my upper and lower hemispheres. On the torso side of the bleach-stained blue sheet was my head and chest, an

How to Report Social Media Harassment: A Practical Guide

This article was originally published on Lenny. The musician Mia Matsumiya has documented a lot of the online harassment she’s suffered on Instagram at @perv_magnet. Her bio expresses her mission succinctly: “4’9″ violinist & perv magnet. I’ve archived 1,000+ messages from creeps, weirdos & fetishists over the past 10 years. I’ve decided to post them

Never waste your time and energy on those who don’t care about you

Andrey Kurpatov, a psychotherapist, writer, and columnist for many publications, defined the golden rules of his life. Bright Side suggests taking a closer look at them so perhaps these rules will be suitable for you, too. Never shift the responsibility for what’s happening in your life on others’ shoulders. I understand that the temptation to blame somebody else is great, but have pity on yourself. You’ll find

10 Beauty Essentials for Your Next Music Festival

When it comes to festival style, makeup is essential—but making looks that’ll stay on through dust storms and crowd surfing sweat is no easy feat. It’s time to call in the experts. Read on for how Colby Smith gets Charli XCX mainstage ready, what Patrick Ta reaches for to keep Gigi Hadid and Co. looking

21 positive habits that all happy people know

It seems to be simple. You’re either happy or you’re not, and you can’t change it. But it’s not just that: you can make yourself happy. All you need is just a little effort and to practice some good habits. The Huffington Post recently published a list of 21 positive habits almost every happy person displays. It caused an enormous public reaction, collecting more than 250 thousand likes

6 Under-the-Radar Hair Stylists You Need to Follow On Instagram

With Instagram feeds that ensnared us—retro bangs, devil-may-care curls—these stylists are poised for hair #inspo superstardom. Here, their ace tips to re-create their most awesome looks. This article originally appears in the August 2016 issue of ELLE. Liz Moirano Moirano’s tactic to create sun-warmed highlights: “Make sure there’s dimension and contrast. Lightening in the right

Five ways you could be accidentally making everyone dislike you

Have you recently had friends, co-workers, or strangers suddenly get really annoyed at you for what seemed like no reason at all? Maybe you told yourself that they were overreacting or being too sensitive, or that they had no right to be angry when you clearly didn’t mean to do whatever you did (and in fact aren’t even sure what it was). If you’re a socially inept type like plenty

The Inevitable Pokemon Fragrance Is Here

I’m too busy hanging with Kim Kardashian to play Pokemon Go, but… yeah, that’s a total lie. Of course I’m not, and neither is Justin Bieber, Drew Barrymore, or ELLE’s own culture critic R. Eric Thomas. And with great viral marketing comes great product tie-ins, including today’s announcement of a Pokemon Go! Fragrance. Costing less

Save this and read it when you’re in a bad mood

You will always mean the world to someone. Your smile can make someone who doesn’t even like you happy. Every night, someone thinks about you before they fall asleep. If someone seems to hate you, very often it’s only because they want to be like you. There are at least two people in the world for whom everyone is ready to lay down their

Seeing No Gender ID, and Keeping Quiet

On a busy Saturday night at a restaurant, I was waiting to use the ladies’ room. (The place has two single-occupancy bathrooms: one for men and one for women.) A minute later, a young man in his 20s came out of the ladies’ room. Annoyed at his entitlement, I said, “Excuse me?” To which, he

Meteorologist Who Was Told to Cover Up Says It Wasn’t Sexism

A meteorologist who was asked by a co-worker to cover up her sleeveless dress during a live broadcast wants enraged observers to know that she wasn’t a victim of workplace sexism. The meteorologist, Liberté Chan, said in a blog post that she had been playing along with a joke during the broadcast on KTLA in

Let Vanessa Hudgens Be A Lesson That Instagram Can Be Used Against You

To all those who Instagram with reckless abandon, take note. This past Valentine’s Day, Vanessa Hudgens and her actor boyfriend, Austin Butler, visited a protected rock formation in Sedona, Arizona. To express their young love, the two carved their names and a heart into the red rock. Unfortunately, the social media documentation gave authorities ample evidence to pursue

‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Completely Changing The Way It Portrays Women

“Game of Thrones” latest episode was all about the women of Westeros — and we’re totally down with that. (Warning! Spoilers lie ahead!) After a handful of controversial episodes, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have seemingly changed the tone of their hit HBO show, giving their female stars all the power. Not only did

5 Reasons Women Leave Their Marriages, In Their Own Words

A recent study found that women tend to initiate divorce more often than men. But what overarching issues cause them to leave? Below, women reveal the moment they knew their relationships were over. 1. Their marital problems wouldn’t go away, despite attempts to fix them. “I knew there was no saving my marriage when our problems continued